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Seoul Spring at Olympic Park Rose Plaza – 올림픽공원장미광장

After a beautiful sequence of spring flowers had come and gone, nothing marks the end of the season quite like hotter balmy weather and the blooming roses. In Korea, May is also known as the season of roses. Starting in the middle of May, you will inadvertently see the rambling roses that cover parts of the fences and walls at many residential areas in the city start to bloom. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see. 

In Seoul, there are many places for you to fully enjoy the beauty of roses and the first three spots that pop up in my head are rose road (장미길) at Jungnang Rose Park (중랑장미공원), Cheonho Dong Rose Village (천호동장미마을), and Olympic Park Rose Plaza (올림픽공원장미광장). Only the latter that I have recently been to and I am going to show you some of my favorite pictures from my last visit in this post.

The Olympic Park Rose Plaza is located at the southeast corner of the Seoul Olympic Park close to the exit number 3 of Seoul subway line 5 (purple line) Olympic Park Station. Every year, gorgeous roses are displayed in the garden. If you are a rose lover, this place is simply a heaven for you. There are over 150 varieties and I lost count on how many colors of roses I saw at the square. Upon my visit, I could not be more thankful for how lovely the weather was that day. It was super sunny and the sky couldn’t be more clear. However, it was almost summer after all and wearing shorts while not putting enough sun cream was my big mistake. It’s been over three weeks now but the uneven tan lines on my legs are still vividly seen lol. 

Nonetheless, I still highly recommend you to put the plaza on the list of the places you should visit in Seoul during May. There is a lot more to do and see at this spacious Olympic Park.

Gallery: Olympic Park Rose Plaza in May


More info about Olympic Park Rose Plaza
Entrance Fee: Free of charge
Naver Map: 서울특별시 송파구 방이동 88-2

The date of my visit: 2021.05.21

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