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Winter in Korea – Ugeum Reservoir & Cafe PERR

Pocheon is a city located in the northeast of Gyeonggi-do, the most populous province in Korea. It is bordered by Dongducheon city to the east. And for this season, I intentionally put a pin on Pocheon-si as my other choice of destination after a visit to Dongducheon-si last winter.

Although the city is famous for its beautiful mountainous terrain and herb theme park, it could be one heck of an idea to explore the waterfront area if a scenic view of a large body of water transforming into a vast solid piece of ice is what you are traveling for during the cooler months. And Ugeum Reservoir (우금저수지) is where I seeked out for one good reason: Cafe Perr, a lovely cafe with a view. 

From Nijimori Studio in Dongducheon city, it took only 25 minutes to drive to Cafe Perr in southern Pocheon via route 364. It is a three-storey coffee place located right by the bank of Ugeum Reservoir. On every level of the cafe you can observe a grand perspective of the waterbody against Wangbang mountain (왕방산) as a backdrop. However, there is a hot photo spot for posting on social medias and you can find it on the cafe’s ground floor (checkout hashtag #카페퍼르). 

After walking out of the last step of the yellow colored stair, you will see two wooden stools organized on a piece of shaggy rag next to a big square glass window. During the warmer days, an out-of-a-painting picture of the reservoir surrounded with lush greenery is what makes Cafe Perr worth a spot on ‘the most recommended cafe in Pocheon’. Even though upon my visit I got to indulge in a different atmosphere, a stunning vista of the frozen Ugeum Reservoir pretty exceeded my expectation.  

The cafe building has many ways out that’d allow you to step outside and get closer to the water basin. The Ugeum Reservoir might not look as big but it is one of the largest fishing grounds in Pocheon and the biggest fishery area to find crucian carp (붕어) in Korea. The facility was seen to be left unattended because of the freezing cold weather. Instead of a throng of sport fishermen dipping their feet in the shallow zone of the reservoir with fishing rods in their hands, the place was filled with perky kids and devil daring couples racing around on top of the ice floe. 

It’s my bad that I was so caught up with my company at the time and forgot to capture other aspects of the cafe than the instagramable corner. Cafe Perr also provided tons of well decorated zones. The drinks and pastries were fine overall. If you are interested to see what the atmosphere is like from the inside, feel free to visit this review. I have come across many blogs written on the most popular Korean online platform Naver  showing how relaxing it is to visit during the hot season and I cannot wait to return when the next summer comes.

Essential Info About Cafe PERR

Operating Hour: 10:00-21:00

Parking Area: Yes but limited

How to get there from Seoul via public transportation (Approx. 2hr):
Go to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합터미널) near Gangbyeon Station (강변역) Exit 4
⇒ Take an intercity bus number 3000 at the terminal
⇒ Get off at Nae 1 Ri (내1리) bus stop
⇒ Walk straight for 4 minutes to Samsung Chereville (삼성쉐르빌) bus stop
⇒ Take a local bus number 6
⇒ Get off at Ugeum 1 Ri.Machimi (우금1리.마치미) bus stop
⇒ Walk towards Ugeum Junction (우금삼거리)
⇒ Cafe Perr is 5 minutes down the road

Naver Map: Cafe Peoreu
경기 포천시 가산면 포천로 582 1층 

Access Map

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