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Visiting Seoul in October: A Comprehensive Guide to Special Events

October is a wonderful time to explore Seoul, as the city transforms into a picturesque landscape of autumn colors. With cooler temperatures and stunning foliage, the weather is ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. In this post, we will provide you with essential information about the weather, appropriate clothing, and a list of exciting things to do during your visit to Seoul in October.

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    Weather in Seoul in October:

    October brings pleasant weather to Seoul, with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 19°C (52°F to 66°F). The crisp autumn air creates a comfortable atmosphere for exploring the city’s attractions. However, it’s essential to note that temperatures can drop significantly in the evenings, so bringing some layers is advisable.

    Clothing Suggestions:

    • Pack a mix of light layers such as sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and jackets to keep comfortable during the day.
    • Don’t forget to bring a warm coat or heavier outerwear for the cooler evenings.
    • Comfortable walking shoes are a must for exploring Seoul’s various neighborhoods and landmarks.

    Discovering Seoul in October:

    October unveils a whole new side of Seoul, where the vibrant cityscape harmoniously blends with mesmerizing autumn wonders. Beyond the bustling streets and captivating historical landmarks, this enchanting month offers an array of magical experiences to cherish. From breathtaking autumn foliage to unique cultural delights, your visit to Seoul in October promises to be an unforgettable journey. Keep scrolling to uncover the delights that await you during this captivating season!

    Autumn Leaves Extravaganza:

    As October graces Seoul with the arrival of autumn, the city undergoes a breathtaking transformation into a splendid wonderland of colors. While the entire month exudes a magical aura, the pinnacle of fall foliage beauty is best experienced towards the end of October. If your primary goal is to capture these brilliant sights of autumn foliage, consider planning your visit to coincide with the last week of October.

    • Period: 2023.10.29 ~ 2023.11.14
    • Venue: To make the most of your autumn adventure, explore my ultimate picks for the best Seoul autumn spots here
    The Season of Pink Muhly:

    Though not native to Korea, pink muhly grass has captured the hearts of the nation, becoming an absolute obsession—and it’s not difficult to understand why. As autumn sets in, everyone embarks on a quest to discover the most stunning pastelish pink fields that adorn the city.

    Peak Time: The prime time to witness the breathtaking beauty of pink muhly is from mid-October to late October.

    Top Pink Muhly Spots in Seoul:

    • Haneul Park | 하늘공원 [map]
    • Olympic Park | 올림픽공원 [map]
    • Jamwon Hangang Park | 잠원 한강공원 [map]
    The Season of Silver Grass:

    Another splendid thing that October brings to the country is a mesmerizing spectacle of golden-hued silver grasses. These ethereal landscapes can also be witnessed at some truly dreamy spots in the city, offering a delightful visual treat. If you’re visiting Seoul during this time, make sure to explore the following enchanting locations:

    Peak Time for Silver Grass Viewing: Late October ~ Early November

    Top Silver Grass Spots in Seoul:

    • Haneul Park | 하늘공원 [map]
    • Namsan Baekbeom Square Park | 백범광장공원 [map]
    • Heunginjimun Park | 흥인지문공원 [map]

    In addition to these mesmerizing autumn wonders, Seoul hosts a plethora of exciting events in October that are worth exploring:

    Seoul International Fireworks Festival:

    Since 2000, the Seoul International Fireworks Festival, hosted by Hanwha, has been the go-to annual event that lures in a whopping million folks to Yeouido Hangang Park. They all gather for an epic fireworks show that lights up the night sky. To snag a good spot, people usually camp out a day in advance because the crowds are no joke. Be prepared for some serious hustle and bustle. The fireworks kick off at 7:30 pm and wrap up by 8:30 pm, but the fun starts much earlier, around 1:00 pm in the Yeouido area. You can expect street performances, buskers, craft beer stalls, and a variety of food trucks to keep you satisfied.

    • Hangul: 서울세계불꽃축제
    • Period: 7th October 2023
    • Venue: Yeouido Han River Park (여의도한강공원)
    • Website: For additional details and updates, please visit
    Gwanak Gang Gam-chan Festival:

    The Gwanak Gang Gam-chan Festival stands as a prominent historical and cultural celebration in Seoul, dedicated to honoring the patriotic spirit of General Gang Gam-chan, a revered figure in Goryeo’s history. The festival also serves as a platform for Gwanak-gu residents to come together and revel in wind-themed festivities. Engaging participatory events, including a citizen painting & writing contest, archery competition, and experiential booths, promise delightful experiences for all attendees.

    • Hangul: 관악강감찬축제
    • Period: 14th October 2023 to 16th October 2023
    • Venue: Nakseongdae Park (낙성대공원)
    • Website: For more information, visit 
    Changdeokgung Palace Moonlight Tour:

    Experience the enchantment of Changdeokgung Palace under the spellbinding silver moonlight with the captivating Moonlight Tour. This immersive program allows you to explore various parts of the palace, accompanied by knowledgeable guides who offer unique insights into its rich history and remarkable architecture. As you wander through the palace’s serene surroundings adorned with lush greenery, you’ll be immersed in a tranquil ambiance like no other.

    • Hangul: 창덕궁 달빛기행
    • Period: 7th September 2023 to 22nd October 2023 (ref.)
    • Venue: Changdeokgung Palace (창덕궁)
    • Website: For bookings and more information, visit 
    Guro G Festival × Anyangcheon Light Festival:

    The Guro G Festival, a beloved local festival of Guro-gu, first commenced in 2003 with the noble aim of fostering harmony among residents. Teaming up with the Light Festival (Emotional Garden) at Anyangcheon, a cherished green space and leisure destination in the city, this event offers a delightful blend of community-driven performances and captivating displays for all generations to relish. Enthralling live music performances add to the excitement, while a local residents’ food market provides a delectable array of affordable culinary delights.

    Hanbok Culture Week:

    Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Hanbok during the Hanbok Culture Week—an event dedicated to promoting the appreciation and incorporation of Hanbok into modern everyday life while celebrating its exquisite beauty and rich heritage. The event features a special exhibition showcasing Hanbok in various styles and practical uses. Moreover, visitors can partake in traditional cultural experiences and engaging events that offer a glimpse into the essence of Hanbok’s significance.

    • Hangul: 한복문화주간
    • Period: 16th October 2023 to 22nd October 2023 (ref)
    • Venue: Jongno-gu area
    • Website: For further details and updates, visit 
    Korea-Japan Festival in Seoul:

    The Korea-Japan Festival in Seoul stands as the grandest annual Korean-Japanese cultural exchange event, fostering strong ties between both nations. Originating in 2005 as the ‘Year of Friendship between Korea and Japan,’ it commemorated the momentous 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Since then, this festival has become a platform for sharing and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of both nations, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

    • Hangul: 한일축제한마당 in Seoul
    • Period: 22nd October 2023 (ref)
    • Venue: COEX Hall D (코엑스 D홀)
    • Website: For more information and updates, please visit 

    A Day Trip Beyond Seoul:

    While Seoul offers a plethora of fun activities, there are even more beautiful spots to see and festivals to attend across Korea in October. Embarking on a day trip to witness these magical events is a highly recommended endeavor. Here are some fantastic places located nearby or easily accessible for a delightful day trip during this enchanting month:

    For Autumn Leaves Viewing Outside Seoul:

    Although Seoul boasts a wealth of stunning autumn landscapes, there exist even more captivating spots that are well worth exploring. Don’t miss the chance to venture beyond the city and witness the following breathtaking destinations. To make your journey even more convenient, specially organized hassle-free services are available, catering to this unique time of year:

    Aside from the captivating autumn sights, there are some fascinating events taking place in October in the cities surrounding Seoul that you won’t want to miss. Consider adding these interesting happenings to your itinerary for a well-rounded and enriching experience during your visit.

    Suwon Hwaseong Media Art Show:

    The Suwon Hwaseong Media Art Show is a captivating exhibition of modern colorful light that brings to life the vision of ‘Suwon Hwaseong, a new city that King Jeongjo once dreamed of. Following its successful debut last year at Hwaseomun Gate, this year’s show promises to mesmerize audiences along the route from Hwahongmun Gate to Namsumun Gate and Suwoncheon Stream.

    • Hangul: 수원화성 미디어아트쇼
    • Period: 6th October 2023 to 4th November 2023
    • Venue: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Changnyongmun, Dongjangdae, Dongbukgongsimdon area
    • Website: Suwon Cultural Foundation
    Icheon Rice Cultural Festival: 

    The Icheon Rice Cultural Festival is a delightful cultural tourism event centered around the theme of rice, a fundamental part of Korean cuisine and a renowned specialty of Icheon, renowned for its exceptional quality. This comprehensive festival offers a unique experience for the younger generation to delve into traditional farming culture while providing a nostalgic and sociable gathering for adults.

    • Hangul: 이천쌀문화축제
    • Period: 18th October 2023 to 22nd October 2023
    • Venue: Icheon Agricultural Theme Park (이천농업테마공원)
    • Website: For more details and updates, visit 

    Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of this post, and I’m confident that you are now well-equipped with valuable insights for your thrilling visit to Seoul in the vibrant month of October. I sincerely wish your trip to be as enchanting and vibrant as the captivating autumn sights that Korea has to offer! Safe and happy travels!

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