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Unveiling Cafe Weekend74: A Rising Star in Hongcheon’s Cafe Scene

When winter arrives in Hongcheon-gun, a city in Korea’s northeastern region, it comes with a blanket of soft white snow that transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland. The city is home to one of the most visited ski areas in the country: Vivaldi Ski Resort. And if you are planning to have a fun winter getaway around here, there is one stop you simply can’t miss, particularly if you are a cafe hopper too: Cafe Weekend74 (위켄드74). 

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    Despite being a relatively new business established in late 2021, Weekend74 Cafe seems to have gained quick popularity in the area. A quick search on Instagram using the hashtag #홍천카페추천 (Hongcheon Cafe Recommendation) reveals numerous pictures of the cafe. Whether you have a thing for a cozy, laid-back atmosphere or for a photogenic spot, Cafe Weekend74 is surely worth a visit. Now, let’s explore deeper and see how this newly opened coffee place can get fitted in your Hongcheon itinerary.   

    Outdoor Areas:

    Located just a short drive from the Vivaldi Ski Resort, Cafe Weekend74 is a sleek black building situated on the side of the road, with a beautiful pool villa resort in the back. When visiting in winter, a picture of the cafe’s inky exterior that stands out against the white snow makes it even harder to miss out. There are also classic cars put on display around the cafe – a nod to the owner’s love of all things vintage.

    Although it might not be an ideal idea to sit outside with the snow, the outdoor seating areas look incredibly cozy and perfect for a visit during the warmer months. With comfortable patio furniture, shelter umbrellas, and even more than one set of swinging couch, it’s easy to settle in and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

    But perhaps the most unique aspect of the cafe’s outdoor seating spaces are the fire pit equipped tables which are available for rent. If you are in for a marshmallow toasting fun day or a private BBQ party, look no further than Cafe Weekend74 (required a reservation).  

    Indoor Spaces:

    The indoor zones of the cafe are even more impressive. Upon entering the cafe, you will immediately notice the high roof structure and floor-to-ceiling windows which bathe the space in natural light and offer soothing views of the surrounding area at the same time. The first floor features the order counter, and a rectangular plantation in the middle of the room, adding a touch of greenery to the modern decor.

    If the seats on the first floor are all occupied, no worries, there are still plenty on the upper floor for you to check out. The second-floor seating area is organized in a way to make everyone feel like they are hanging out in a spacious attic. The warm tones of the wooden structure add to the charm of the place. Here you can also find a photo zone hidden on one end of the room, a wooden bench in front of a big window pane showcasing the view from outside.

    Cafe Weekend74 is also a pet-friendly establishment, so feel free to bring your furry friends along for the ride.

    Admission Fee + Drinks:

    Another thing to keep in mind before visiting Cafe Weekend74 is that you have to pay to enter the cafe’s facilities and the drinks are free of charge. The admission fee is 7,500 won for adults (9 years and older), which includes one beverage selection from the menu. For preschool children, the fee is 4,000 won, which includes a Pororo drink (non-carbonated fruit juice drink).

    When it comes to the menu, Weekend74 Cafe offers a variety of beverages, including coffee-based drinks, tea, and juice, refreshing ades, and fruity smoothies. They also have a selection of pastries, including muffins, croissants, and scones, perfect for pairing with a hot drink.

    All in all, Cafe Weekend74 is a must-visit spot for anyone exploring Hongcheon city and the surrounding area. With its modern decor, expertly brewed coffee, and unique outdoor seating areas, it’s easy to see why this cafe has quickly become a local favorite.

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    Access Map:

    Quick Info About Cafe Weekend74:

    Address: 강원 홍천군 남면 남노일로 1123

    Naver Map: Click Link

    Hours: 10:30AM-7:30PM (Fri-Mon) | Closed on Tue-Thur

    Admission Fee: 7,500 Won (adults) | 4,000 Won (children)

    Parking Space: Yes (Free)

    Instagram: @weekend74_cafe

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