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Where to Buy Ski and Snowboard Equipment in Seoul

Seoul, the bustling capital of South Korea, is a city of contrasts where the traditional meets the modern. While it may not be the first destination that comes to mind for skiing or snowboarding, the proximity of the city to several ski resorts makes it a convenient base for enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to hit the slopes, finding the right equipment is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to where you can buy ski or snowboard equipment in Seoul.

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    Nonhyeon-dong: Seoul’s Ski and Snowboard Hub

    While Seoul boasts several outlets of renowned snow sport brands, there’s a particular district that stands out for its concentration of ski and snowboard shops: Nonhyeon-dong, situated in the southern part of the city.

    Stretching from Hakdong Station on Seoul Subway Line No. 7 to Eonju Station on Line No. 9, this area has earned its reputation as Seoul’s premier destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The bustling streets and quiet alleys house a diverse collection of over 20 specialized shops. Interestingly, nearly nine out of ten of these establishments primarily cater to snowboarding gear, reflecting its popularity among the city’s younger crowd.

    For those keen on exploring the best of what Nonhyeon-dong has to offer, here’s a glimpse of some top-rated shops in the vicinity:

    • 에이엔에이스포츠 [map]
    • 보드코리아 강남점 [map]
    • 강남스포츠 [map]
    • 아이디원코리아 [map]
    • 엑스게임스노우 [map]
    • 자이온스노우보드 [map]
    • 에이아이케이 에이스스노우 [map]
    • 팝스노우보드 [map]
    • 베스트 스노우 보드 [map]
    • 쇼군 [map]

    If you’re in search of a diverse range of new ski and snowboard equipment, apparel, and accessories, Nonhyeon-dong’s ski and snowboard goods street is a must-visit. However, if you’re specifically seeking budget-friendly options like used items, this area might not be your ideal destination, as many of the stores here primarily focus on new merchandise and don’t offer a dedicated section for secondhand goods.

    Shopping Malls and Outlets: Destinations for Winter Sport Apparel

    When it comes to winter sport wear, Seoul offers more than just the offerings in Nonhyeon-dong. The city boasts numerous large outlets that stock an extensive selection of ski and snowboard brands, encompassing everything from winter clothing to essential accessories like beanies, goggles, helmets, gloves, and mittens. As the ski season approaches, these stores often roll out enticing promotions, such as buy-one-get-one-free deals or complimentary ski lift passes. Below are some top-notch outlets in Seoul that house a diverse array of sportswear shops:

    • Mario Outlet [map]
    • Hyundai Outlet Garden Five Branch [map]
    • Lotte Outlet Seoul Station Branch [map]

    Online Platforms:

    Korea’s online shopping landscape is celebrated for its convenience, swift delivery, and vast product offerings. While there’s an extensive array of online platforms available for various needs, the selection narrows when focusing on ski and snowboard gear. Here are some prominent Korean online shopping apps that provide comprehensive selections of snow sports and outdoor equipment:    


    Coupang (쿠팡) stands out as one of Korea’s most popular and trusted online shopping platforms. Boasting an extensive range of products, Coupang offers everything from daily essentials and electronics to event tickets and more. For winter sports enthusiasts, the platform presents an array of enticing deals on ski and snowboard gear, including comprehensive sets and individual items like bindings, boots, and apparel. Additionally, Coupang’s “Rocket Services” promise ultra-swift deliveries, with some items arriving as early as the next morning.

    However, it’s worth noting that Coupang’s primary language is Korean. For non-Korean speakers, using a browser’s translation feature, such as Google Translate, can enhance the browsing experience on the Coupang website.  


    Known as Karrot, derived from the Korean word for “carrot” (당근), Danggeun is a platform where users can discover heavily discounted secondhand items, often reminiscent of finds in underground subway malls or surplus stores. Occasionally, users might even stumble upon items being given away for free. Based on firsthand experiences, Danggeun emerges as a top destination for budget-friendly ski and snowboard equipment in Korea. This platform caters to those seeking affordable options, not just limited to outdoor gear.

    Every ski season witnesses a surge of listings featuring used equipment such as skis, snowboards, apparel, boots, protective gear, and more. Prices tend to be wallet-friendly, and items are generally in respectable condition. Plus, users have the flexibility to negotiate directly with sellers.

    However, non-Korean speakers may face challenges on Danggeun, as interactions typically occur in Korean. Additionally, users are often required to provide a Korean phone number or link a Kakao account for location verification.


    In 2020, Wiseapp ranked 11STREET (11번가) as the third most popular shopping app in Korea. Like Coupang, 11STREET offers an extensive selection of new ski and snowboard products. However, it distinguishes itself by catering to a broader international audience, with support for English and Chinese speakers. Additionally, the platform facilitates international shipping for select items.

    However, it’s essential to note that 11STREET has announced the discontinuation of its global services, effective from June 2024. Consequently, international shipping options will no longer be available post that date.


    Gmarket (G마켓) stands as a prominent e-commerce site in South Korea. Much like Coupang and 11STREET, Gmarket offers a diverse array of new ski and snowboard products. Occasionally, users can also uncover secondhand items on the platform, though finding them might require some diligent searching and a bit of serendipity. Notably, Gmarket is recognized for its robust international shipping services, catering to customers worldwide.

    However, for those specifically interested in Gmarket’s secondhand offerings, it’s worth mentioning that this section operates exclusively in Korean. To navigate this, users can utilize the term ‘중고품’ when searching for available used items.

    That concludes our guide on shopping for snow equipment in Seoul! Whether you lean towards specialty shops, big-name retailers, or digital platforms, rest assured, you’ll discover the ideal gear for your snowy escapades. Enjoy your skiing and snowboarding!

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