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Sanjeong Lake Sledding Festival: A Fun Winter Escape in Pocheon, Korea

As the vibrant hues of autumn foliage faded, leaving the trees bare, it signaled the onset of the chilling winter season. This remarkable transformation transported my thoughts back to the day I embarked on a trip up north to explore a café boasting a picturesque view of Ugeum Reservoir, in the southern part of Pocheon City within the Gyeonggi Province. Inspired by the beauty of the region, I decided to delve further into the city’s charms during the same cold months.

A week later, with temperatures still clinging to the freezing point, I revisited the area to experience the joyous Sanjeong Lake Sled Festival. In this post, I invite you to join me on a journey down memory lane, exploring the essence of this event and offering a delightful option for your winter adventure in Korea this year!

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    Sanjeong Lake Introduction:

    Sanjeong Lake, also known as Sanjeonghosu (산정호수), was established in the northeastern part of Pocheon city in 1925, during the Japanese colonization era, to provide water to the agricultural area of Yeongbuk-myeon. Ingeniously nestled amidst a labyrinth of mountains, with Myeongseongsan to the east, Mangbongsan to the south, and Mangmu peak to the northwest, it has since evolved into a prominent national recreation destination sought after by friends and lovers in search of a delightful retreat and a romantic escape. Along the lake’s shores, you’ll find a charming array of cozy coffee houses, variously-sized pensions, and nostalgic restaurants exuding an old-world ambiance. There’s even a mini amusement park where families can treat their young children to rides on wobbling Viking boats or bumper cars.

    Sanjeong Lake’s Winter Transformation:

    As December arrives, bringing colder temperatures and the anticipation of snowfall to northern Korea, including certain areas of Pocheon-si, Sanjeonghosu undergoes a fascinating transformation, as its waters freeze, creating a stunning spectacle of a vast ice rink shimmering amidst the snowy mountain ridges. Since 2010, an annual winter festival has graced this locale, a delightful surprise that I regret not discovering sooner. Pocheon city would have undoubtedly become my favorite day trip destination from Seoul during the cooler months.

    What to Expect at Sanjeong Lake Sledding Festival:

    Sanjeong Lake Sledding Festival (산정호수썰매축제) is an annual event organized by local residents, typically spanning a month depending on the quality and conditions of the ice rink. In 2022, the festival kicked off at the end of the previous December and continued until the second week of February. The event featured charmingly designed sleighs, including vibrant yellow ducks and plump penguins sporting colorful scarves around their necks, gliding effortlessly across the frozen expanse of Sanjeong Lake.

    To add even more excitement to the adventurous minds of visitors, they offered an ‘Oritayo (오리타요)’ experience, a delightful ducky train ride that ventured further from the icy water’s edge. A farm tractor pulling a string of nine duck figurines, each affixed to a wooden toboggan board, gliding across the frozen lake’s surface is a unique sight you won’t easily encounter at other winter destinations in Korea.

    Another must-experience activity during your winter visit to Sanjeongkosu is taking a leisurely walk along the scenic ‘Sanjeonghosu Dulle-gil’ (산정호수 둘레길). This 4-kilometer-long path is enclosed by wooden fencing and follows the shoreline of the lake. A gentle stroll along this trail is perhaps the finest way to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Sanjeong Lake, taking in its serene stillness.

    How to Reach Sanjeong Lake Without Your Own Vehicle:

    To access Sanjeong Lake from Seoul using public transportation, follow these steps:

    • Start by taking Seoul subway line 1 or 7 and alight at Dobongsan Station (도봉산역).
    • Exit the station via exit 1, cross the street, and proceed down the road on your right. Take the first left onto the adjacent street.
    • Continue along this street for approximately 4 minutes until you arrive at a bus stop called 도봉산역광역환승센터 정류장 (10339), situated on your right.
    • Board bus number 1386 and ride it until you reach the 하동주차장 정류장 (41539) bus stop.
    • Upon disembarking, cross the road and walk straight for about 15 minutes to reach Sanjeong Lake.
    • The entire journey typically takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes.

    Gallery: More Shots from the Sanjeong Lake Winter Festival

    Quick Info About Sanjeong Lake Winter Festival 2023~2024:

    Event Period: 30 Dec 2023 - 12 Feb 2024 (is subject to change depending on the weather and  ice rink conditions)

    Operating Hours: 10:00 - 17:00


    • Oritayo (duck train ride): 7,000KW (around the lake)
    • Ice Sledding (only sledge board): 6,000KW (30 min)
    • Tricycling (only a bike): 7,000KW (30 min)
    • Romantic cycling (a side-by-side tandem bike): 12,000KW (30 min)
    • Tricycle pulling duck ride: 15,000KW (20 min)
    • Tricycle pulling penguin ride: 12,000KW (30 min)
    • Tricycle pulling Winnie the Pooh ride: 12,000KW (30 min)
    • Tricycle pulling Santa sledge ride: 12,000KW (20 min)
    • Family electric car: 20,000KW (20 min)

    Parking Fares: Free (less than 1 hr parking)
    Per vehicle size: small (2,000KW)/ medium (5,000KW)/ large (10,000KW)

    Naver Map: Sanjeonglake [map]
    경기 포천시 영북면 산정호수로411번길 108

    Access Map:

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